Casting Call: Adventurers Wanted For New Reality Television Series

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Looking to gain fame and fortune on reality television? Than I just might have your ticket to stardom.

Yesterday I received an email announcing that a “Major Cable Network” has put out the casting call and is looking for adventurers to take part in a new competition reality series called “The Fierce Competitor.” Details beyond that are a bit sketchy at the moment but the new show is said to test both the mental and physical capabilities of the contestants. Much like Survivor, the competitors will live and work together while taking each other on in a series of increasingly difficult challenges. The new series is described as the “ultimate competition and social experiment” with the final winner being awarded $100,000. 
If you’re interested in applying to be a part of the show you are encouraged to send your name, contact info (phone/email), current location and a recent photo to the following email address: Who knows, that simple email could land you on the show and right in the thick of the competition – whatever that may entail. 
That’s pretty much all I know about “The Fierce Competitor” at this time. If you do apply, good luck in the casting process and don’t forget who tipped you off to the opportunity! 😉
Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Casting Call: Adventurers Wanted For New Reality Television Series”

  1. A "Major casting agency" with a Gmail address…?

    I'd just warn any aspiring Bear Grylls not to waste too much of their time chasing things like this. Emails like this are so common. They promise the earth and deliver nothing.

    Apologies for sounding like a grumpy old cynic! It's a great thing for the person who gets it IF it ever happens. I'm just cautioning people to try to keep their fate in their own hands rather than pinning too much on speculative stuff like this…

  2. Alastair: It is not uncommon for casting agencies to set up a one-off email address using G-mail for a specific project. I have had several of these "casting call" memos come my way, including some from already established shows going into 2nd or 3rd seasons, and they often use G-mail because it is simple to create an account and use it for as long as you need.

    But of course it is an uphill battle to get on a show like this. Hundreds, if not thousands, will apply and they're often looking more for someone who looks good on television rather than a true adventurer. Still, it is an opportunity that some will appreciate for sure.

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