Video: Annapurna The Hard Way

Over the past week or so, we’ve all been astounded by the news and details of Ueli Steck’s solo summit of Annapurna along the South Face. You’ve no doubt heard me and others use a host of superlatives in an attempt to convey just how impressive this climb is. But to truly get a sense of what Ueli accomplished you’ll want to watch the video below. It is a 55-minute long documentary from 1970 that tells the tale of the first ascent of the mountain along this route.

The team that accomplished this feat is filled with climbing legends from the U.K., including Sir Chris Bonington, Dougal Haston, Don Whilians and more. The film is a real slice of mountaineering history and well worth your time if you have an  hour to kill. It’ll give you an appreciation of what this team accomplished and provide more insight into what Ueli faced as well.

Kraig Becker