Nat Geo Invites You To Hangout With The Adventurers Of The Year

National Geographic, and the wonders of modern technology, are giving all of us the opportunity to hangout with the 2014 Adventurers of the Year next week. On January 15, Nat Geo will host a Google Hangout with five of these amazing men and women, who will share their stories of courage and determination with us online.

The virtual meeting will take place from 1-2 PM Eastern Standard Time next Wednesday and will include the following adventurers: ultra-runner Kilian Jornet, surfer Greg Long, explorer Sarah Marquis, endurance swimmer Diana Nyad and snowboarder Kevin Pearce. The event will also be hosted by Fitz Cahall, who is the mountaineer and filmmaker who has been instrumental in telling the stories of this year’s crop of winners.

Questions for the group can be submitted via Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and YouTube using the hashtag #AdvOfYearChat. Due to time constraints, those questions will be reviewed ahead of time and submitted to the adventurers during the Hangout.

And don’t forget you can still cast your votes for the People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year. Voting remains open until January 31, with the winner being announced in February.

This should be a fun way to use modern technology to learn more about these amazing athletes and explorers. I know that if I have that hour free, I am going to try to be there for the event.

Kraig Becker