Julbo Launches Digital Magazine for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Julbo is a company that makes excellent eyewear for the active outdoor crowd. In fact, if you have a favorite outdoor activity, chances are they make a pair of sunglasses specifically for that sport. They have eyewear for the mountains, googles for skiing, glasses for trail running and mountain biking, and even travel. Their eyewear is tough, great looking, and affordable, and I’ve always been impressed with what the company bring to the table.

Now, I have even more reason to be impressed, as Julbo has launched a great little digital magazine that I’m sure many of you will enjoy. The magazine is entitled Visions and it is more than just a catalog for the company’s outstanding products, it has some excellent articles that I’m sure will be of interest to Adventure Blog readers. For instance, the first issue has a profile of Ueli Steck, the Swiss climber who continues to push boundaries in what we know is possible in the mountains. You’ll also find a profile of Glen Plake, a legend in the free skiing community, as well as news and updates from the world of adventure sports, how to pick a good pair of sunglasses for trail running, a photo essay of a mountain biking expedition to Guatemala, and much more.

The digital mag is a slick product for sure. It includes some fantastic photos from all of the activities we love so much, and it’s clear that the editors are as big a fan of the outdoors, and crazy endurance sports, as much as we are. While its true that most of the stories have a Julbo-spin to them, they also cover lots of activities that you just don’t see too many other places. For example, Visions also takes a look at the awesome Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, as well as a brief overview of an expedition to climb big walls in China.

In short, there is a little something for everyone here. Whether you’re a trail runner, climber, BASE jumper, sailor, or just about anyone else who enjoys putting a little adventure into your life. Check out the full issue here.

Kraig Becker