Sierra Club Picks 5 Outdoor Blogs to Bookmark


Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club, has selected 5 Outdoor Lifestyle Blogs to Bookmark, spotlighting some of the best online sites to get your inspiration and adventure fix. For some inexplicable reason, they honored me by including The Adventure Blog on that list, along with some excellent sites, some of which I link to on occasion, and some that are complete new to me as well.

Earning a nod from Sierra is the always great Adventure Journal, which offers up daily insights on all kinds of outdoor related topics, and the Joy Trip Project, a site that is focused on a sustainable active lifestyle that provides plenty of inspiration as well. Semi-Rad contains the musings and wisdom of climber Brendan Leonard, who moved out of his apartment and into his car in 2011, and has been exploring the American west ever since, while The Mourning Fresh is the personal blog of Katie Bouè, a freelance writer, climber, and adventurer that contains plenty of wit and charm to bring readers back on a regular basis.

I am extremely honored to be included with this group. Thanks much to Sierra for adding me to their list. I have great respect for the Sierra Club, and their publication, and it is a privilege that they would even consider my work to be worth of mention along with the other sites listed above. Thank you for the recognition.

Kraig Becker

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