Video: Mountain Biking the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of those countries that is brimming with potential for explorers and adventurers, but the ongoing conflict there prevents most of us from being able to travel there, and discover everything the country has to offer. But the video below will give you an idea of what is possible there, as it follows mountain bikers Dan Milner and Matt Hunter on an epic 12-day ride through the legendary Wakhan Corridor, a place that I would love to visit for myself someday. The terrain is rough, remote, and challenging, but the place looks amazing as well.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on โ€œVideo: Mountain Biking the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistanโ€

  1. Awesome! What an inspiring video. Looks like the adventure of a lifetime. One question โ€“ How do you top that?

  2. Definitely on my top ten list of adventures that I'd like to do, either by mountain bike or foot. Topping it wouldn't be easy, but there are some great experiences to be had. I'd say maybe traveling Cairo to Cape Town on a bike?

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