Introducing The Adventure Magazine with Monroe and Gigi Radio Program


I have some exciting news for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. My friends Julian Monroe and Gigi Fisher are launching a new radio program that will focus on some of our favorite topics here at The Adventure Blog. The show, which is called The Adventure Magazine with Monroe and Gigi, will begins airing on Monday, September 15 at 6 PM Eastern Time, on Port City Radio 103.7 WBNE out of Wilmington, NC. Those of us who live outside the broadcast area, will be able to listen to it live on the Internet, or get the archived version from The Adventure Magazine website after it airs.

Topics of discussion will include exploration, mountaineering, outdoor gear, adventure travel, extreme sports, and a host of other things that regular readers of this blog will surely appreciate. I’m told that the very first guest on the show will be none other than Alan Arnette, who will share stories about his experiences on Everest and K2 I’m sure. Monroe and Gigi if a series of other high profile and interesting guests queued up for future episodes as well. People like Mikael Strandberg, Felicity Aston, and Levison Wood.

The Adventure Magazine will start airing in just a single market when it hits the radio waves next Monday, but the hope is to have it syndicated on 25+ stations by the end of 2015. The Great Outdoor Provision Company has signed on to be the main sponsor, and there are hopes that the show will strike a chord with adventurers everywhere.

Despite having this new radio gig, Julian assures me that he isn’t done with his regular job yet either. As you may recall, he is an explorer by trade, and will soon be preparing to head back to Africa for the next leg of his Great African Expedition. That is scheduled to take place next March, when he’ll be traveling through East Africa once again. I’m sure that will make for great stories for the radio show as well.

Add The Adventure Magazine to your calendars for next Monday and get ready for what promises to be a fun show.

Kraig Becker