Video: What An Astronaut Sees From Space

Talk about amazing views! This video features some slick timelapse images captured from the International Space Station, with some great footage of what or planet looks like from orbit. It is filled with beautiful imagery of the Earth, from a perspective that few of us will ever get the opportunity to see for ourselves.

Thanks to the Adventure Journal for sharing this.

Astronaut – A journey to space from Guillaume JUIN on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker

1 thought on “Video: What An Astronaut Sees From Space”

  1. I wish they'd made clear about the *speed*; clearly some (all?) of it was compressed/sped up (of course) – but it's not clear what an astronaut ACTUALLY sees, at what speed. If they were really whirling around like the vid shows, they'd all get sick! Just a few seconds of "here's the actual speed at which they are moving around the beautiful Earth" would have made it more…. real… to me.

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