10 Ways Climbing Mountains Will Enrich Your Lives

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Here at The Adventure Blog we don’t need to be told just how climbing a mountain can have a positive impact on your life, but it is nice to have it reaffirmed by other sources now and again. This morning while making my usual rounds on the Internet I came across an interesting list of 10 reasons why climbing mountains can enrich your life, and thought it was worth sharing here as well.

The list comes our way courtesy of a site called Sherpa Holidays, an adventure travel company in Nepal that can arrange trekking excursions to Annapurna and Everest, as well as jungle safaris and even expeditions to climb Ama Dablam.

Amongst the list of ten ways that climbing can enrich our lives are such benefits of improved fitness and health, as well as the bonds that are forged with the people you share your adventures with. The list also says that the mountains will help teach you how to be positive, and will show you how to be patient, persistent, and grateful as well. But perhaps my favorite entry on the list is that every mountain will teach you something, which just about any climber can attest to.

I won’t spoil the whole list, but would encourage you to read it for yourself. It is fun, insightful, and inspirational all at the same time. It is also a good reminder in many ways why we love the outdoors in general, and the adventure and excitement that they bring to our lives.

Kraig Becker