The 20 Best Hikes in the World – According to Nat Geo

Looking for a new hike to add to your bucket list? National Geographic Adventure can help. The website has just published a list of the 20 Best Hikes in the World, with suggestions that will take you to the far corners of the globe to trek in places that will leave a lasting impression to say the least.

Every trail on the list is impressive and beautiful. Some of the routes that made the cut include the El Caminito Del Rey in Spain, which is only 2 miles in length but is an adrenaline inducing walk for sure, and the Devil’s Path in New York, which stretches for over 23 miles, crossing over several mountain peaks in the process. Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda Trail gets a nod for its jungle setting and historical significance, while Granite Peak in Montana makes the list for its technical challenges.

Additionally, Nat Geo also polled 20 outdoor personalities to ask them what their favorite trails are as well. Such luminaries as long distance hiker Andrew Skurka and explorer Julian Monroe Fisher weighed in on the subject, each sharing their favorite hikes as well. Skurka’s choice was the Sierra High Route in California, while Fisher nominated the Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail in Africa. Other suggestions include the Pacific Crest Trail by ultra-runner Scott Jurek, and the Everest Base Camp Trek by Jim Whittaker.

Nat Geo’s resources for hikers doesn’t end with these awe inspiring trails however. There is also an extended list with top trails in the U.S., and a guide for picking out new backpacking gear to accompany you on your treks.

There are enough suggestions and tips here to keep any hiker going for a long time. Some of the trails  are well known, and others are likely to be completely new. Either way, your feet will be ready for a long walk after reading all of this.

Kraig Becker