The 10 Best Campgrounds in America’s National Parks

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The classic summer road trip to visit a national park is a quintessential part of American culture. After all, the parks are home to some of the most iconic and beautiful landscapes found anywhere on Earth. They also happen to have some outstanding campsites available for visitors as well, providing inexpensive, yet very memorable, places to pitch your tent for the night. 

National Geographic Adventure has assembled a list of the 10 best campgrounds in America’s national parks, highlighting some of these great places. As Nat Geo points out, many of the national park campsites get very crowded in the summer months, but their list took this into account and suggested places that are more off the beaten path, and far from the typical gathering points for visitors. 
So, which campsites earned a spot on the list? Some of the suggestions include Tuweep on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Piñon Flats in Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Wonder Lake in Denali National Park. Each of these is unique, remote, and beautiful, and the accompany article describing them tells you not only what to expect when you’re there, but how to book a stay as well.
To find out which other campsites earned a spot on the list, read the entire story here. Then, start planning your summer visit to a national park too. 
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