Outside Gives Us the 40 Most Important Pieces of Gear Ever Designed

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Outside magazine continues its 40th anniversary celebration with a new article that takes a look at the 40 most significant tools and toys ever designed for use in the outdoors. Essentially, this list consists of the most iconic pieces of gear that the magazine’s editors have seen over the course of its existence, and as you might expect it is filled with some amazing products, most of which changed the industry.

Some of the items earning a spot in the line-up include the DJI Phantom Drone, which pretty much revolutionized outdoor filmmaking over the past few years, especially when paired with a GoPro Camera, which also made the cut. Other important breakthroughs in gear include Sierra Designs DryDown, which ushered in the era of hydrophobic down jackets and sleeping bags, as well as the MSR WhisperLite Stove, which is lauded for making backpacking stoves incredibly lightweight and more efficient.

As usual with a list like this one, I won’t spoil too many more of the items that make the cut, but with 40 pieces of gear making the list, there are still plenty to be discovered. If you’ve been an outdoor gear nut over the past few decades, chances are you’ll recognize a lot of the products on Outside’s list, and more than likely have owned your fair share of them too. For us old guys, this is a fun walk down memory lane as we recall some of these items with great fondness.

On a personal note, I’m very much enjoying Outside’s 40th anniversary articles, which have also included the 40 Most Iconic Places on the Planet and the 40 Most Important Pieces of Advice the magazine has ever shared. If you’ve missed either of those, they are definitely worth a look too.

Check out the full list of iconic products by clicking here.

Kraig Becker