20 Great Places to Camp in America’s National Parks

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The summer may be fading fast, but it’s not over just yet. And if you’re looking for some great places to go camping before the season is done, Popular Mechanics has some suggestions for you, all of which can be found inside America’s national parks.

A recent article entitled the “20 Best Places to Camp in National Parks” delivers exactly what it promises. The story provides readers with some of the most secluded, scenic, and wild places to pitch their tents for a few nights. The suggestions range across I wide variety of destinations as well, including Yellowstone, Sequoia, and Acadia.

The list is made up of specific campsites located within each of the parks, along with a brief description of why it is such a great place to stay. For instance, did you know that Tuweep campsite offers a stunning view 3000 feet (914 meters) down into the Grand Canyon? Or that Anacapa Island in the Channel Islands offers the potential to see more than 145 plant and animal species? Those who stay in Big Meadows Campground in Shenandoah are treated to views of three stunning waterfalls, while the campsites in Voyageurs National Park can only be reached by boat.

Some of the campsites are popular and extremely well known, while others are a bit more remote and off the radar. But, the article offers options for just about every type of camper, whether you’re just looking to escape from everyone or want to bring the whole family on your adventure. Read the entire article and start planning your camp outing here. But hurry, summer isn’t going to last forever.

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