Adventure Tech: Venture is the wearable, live-streaming HD camera you can take anywhere

We’ve seen a slew of interesting new tech products over the past couple of weeks, ranging from new smartwatches to off-grid communications devices. But perhaps the latest gadget that I’m most excited about is the Venture HD camera, which launched on Indiegogo a few weeks back and is already a major success.

Venture comes our way from body camera manufacturer Wolfcom, and true to that heritage it is a wearable device that is rugged enough to take with you just about anywhere. More than that however, the Venture some great specs that make it very intriguing. For example, it can capture HD video at 1080p resolutions, it has a wide 120º angle lens that rotates, it can take still photographs, and it comes with four built-in LED lights that not only serve as a flashlight, but can illuminate a low-light scene when filming. The device even has onboard WiFi, which allows it to broadcast live streams to both YouTube and Facebook.

Wolfcom says that the camera is lighter and smaller than a GoPro, tipping the scales at a mere 2.2 ounces. Despite that however, it offers water resistance, a built-in mic, and a magnetic clip to keep it attached at all times This allows users to clip it on a backpack or jacket, turn it on, and continue recording completely hands free. The device can even be mounted on a dashboard to serve as a car camera too.

The camera reportedly gets 2.5 hours of recording time from its included battery, although Wolfcom plans on offering an extended battery that can add 21 hours of recording time. The Venture supports up to 64GB memory cards and it connects to iOS and Android devices via a specially developed app to adjust settings, watch videos, and more.

When the Venture’s crowdfunding campaign was launched the hope was to raise $25,000 to get the camera into production. With more than a week to go before the campaign ends, Wolfcom has brought in more than $70,000, which means we should see the device go into production in early 2018 and begin shipping to customers in February. At that point it will be priced at $359, although early-bird supports can pre-order one now for as low as $149.

What I’m particularly interested in about this camera is its ability to live steam events. I’d love to take one of these with me on my travels and perhaps offer viewers on my Facebook page the chance to see where I’m at and what I’m up to. Or, I could take the Venture with me to Outdoor Retailer to preview new gear live as well. The possibilities are endless and definitely exciting. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on one of these cameras in the future to test one out for myself.

To find out more visit the Venture Indiegogo page.

Kraig Becker