Gear Closet: Mountain Khakis Camber 106 Pants Review

One of the best things you can say about any piece of outdoor clothing is that you forget that you are even wearing it. It is so comfortable and natural feeling that you simply put it on before heading out for an adventure and don’t ever have to think about it again until your journey is at an end. Such is the case with the Camber 106 pants from Mountain Khakis, which in a very short time have become my favorite pants for all of my travels and adventures.

As someone who has fairly large legs – lots of running and cycling will do that do you – it can be very difficult to find pants that fit properly. Usually when I find a pair that fits in the waist and rear end, they are too tight in the legs, forcing me to size up in order to be comfortable.

The problem with that is that the waist ends up being too large, which can cause all kinds of other issues. Because of this, I’m often reluctant to test out a pair of pants, because more often then not they end up not fitting properly. I’m happy to report however, that this was not the case with MK’s Camber 106 option, as the provided a perfect fit immediately.

Made from Mountain Khakis’ stretch canvas material, the Camber 106 are not only super-comfortable, but incredibly durably too. I’ve taken them with me on more than a half-dozen trips ranging across the U.S. and Europe, and these pants still look brand new.

The cotton-spandex blend hugs the body nicely in al of the right places, but doesn’t impeded motion in any way, which is always appreciated whether you’re just running down the block to meet friends or setting out on more active pursuits. The material is even surprisingly breathable, making them a nice option even in warmer weather.

Over the course of the past several months since I’ve owned the Camber 106 pants they have quickly become my go-to travel and outdoor adventure option. Whether I’m on a long flight, hitting the trail for some hiking, or joining friends for dinner, they are equally at home in any environment.

I appreciate the fact that Mountain Khakis has created a garment that connects well with its core customers, who tend to be active but want to still look good at the same time. These pants deliver that level of performance and then some. They’re so good in fact that I plan on adding another pair or two to my gear closet so that I have some different colors (there are five to choose from) at my disposal. Given the choice, I’m not sure I’d want to wear anything else.

The $74.95 price tag will probably turn some buyers off, but as with all things when it comes to outdoor gear, you get what you pay for. These are the best outdoor adventure pants I’ve ever used and as such, I think they’re worth every penny. I’d recommend them to anyone and based on their quality, I’d recommend MK’s other products too. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in what this brand has to offer, as the quality shines through in every aspect of the gear.

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Kraig Becker