National Geographic Presents 25 of the World’s Most Iconic Mountains

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National Geographic is up to its old tricks, once again combining beautiful photos and compelling text to provide another fascinating list to examine. This time out, the folks at Nat Geo have put together a compilation of the 25 most iconic mountains in the world, featuring many of the usual suspects, combined with a few you may not expect to appear here.

Some of the spectacular mountains that make the cut include Mount Cook in New Zealand, Grand Teton in Wyoming, and Annapurna in Nepal. Of course, you’ll also find the likes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania too, as well as Denali in Alaska, and Everest along the border of Nepal and Tibet. But the list is also populated with some less well-known peaks, including Mount Hua in China and Cotopaxi in Ecuador, but lets face it, if you read this blog with any regularity, chances are you’ve heard of the vast majority of them.

Each entry on the list includes a stunning photo of the mountain, which is accompanied by a caption that provides a small amount of insight into why it deserves a spot on the list. The images are the real star of the show however, often giving us a beautiful glimpse of these spectacular alpine settings. The photos are so good in fact that you may find yourself looking at a shot of the mountain that you haven’t seen before, even for peaks that have been photographed thousands of times.

Find out which peaks made the list and explore these photos for yourself by clicking here.

Kraig Becker