Himalaya Fall 2018: Summits Continue on Manaslu, Cho Oyu

1280px Manaslu (8%2C163m)

We’ve been monitoring the progress of the climbing teams on Manaslu and Cho Oyu all week long as summit bids have launched both mountains. Now, as the weekend draws near, it seems that both peaks are busy as a good weather window looks to continue over the next few days, bringing opportunities to finish the season early and send most of the climbers home.

A major summit push is definitely underway on Manaslu, the eighth highest peak in the world at 8163 meters (26,781 ft). Earlier today, more than 60 climbers topped out on the mountain, marking what appears to be the start of large wave of alpinists heading to the top. With roughly 200 foreign climbers, plus an equal or greater number of support Sherpas, on the mountain this season, it looks like things could get very busy there over the next few days.

Amongst those reaching the summit this morning was Kami Rita Sherpa, the man who holds the record for the most summits of Everest. This past spring, Kami Rita topped out on Everest for the 22nd time, leaving him alone at the top of the record books. He’s now added Manaslu to his resume as well. Also topping out today was Mingma Gyabu Sherpa, which is notable because he only left Kathmandu on September 21, meaning he acclimatized and summited in about a week.

Meanwhile, over on Cho Oyu the teams have been busy as well. Most of the squads are still preparing to launch their summit bids there, but the Adventure Consultants reached the summit yesterday amidst good weather. In fact, they were so quick on their way up that most of the team reportedly got the chance to witness sunrise from the top of the mountain before turning back down. They returned to Camp 2 and took a break there, before descending to C1 for the night. They are expected back in Base Camp today, well ahead of the major summit push to come.

It would seem that we can expect more Manaslu summits throughout the weekend, as there are still a large number of climbers set to make their way up. On Cho Oyu, the majority of the teams are now in BC, resting up for their summit bids to come. The weather is good throughout the region but it is unclear how long it will stay that way. Operations on Manaslu will probably be all-but finished by the start of next week, while on Cho Oyu it could take a bit longer.

More updates to come soon.

Kraig Becker