Backpacker Offers 12 Big Adventures for 2019

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We still have most of December –– not to mention the holidays –– to get through before embarking on the new year, but for those of us who like to get a jump on our travel planning, Backpacker magazine is here to help. The editorial staff there has put together a list of 12 big adventures to plan for 2019, offering globetrotters, adventure travelers, and hikers some intriguing options to consider for their next excursion.

As usual with these kinds of lists I won’t spoil the big surprises. I will say however that the treks that Backpacker recommends can be found in numerous corners of the globe. In fact, you’ll find some amazing adventures that take place on five different continents, starting in the U.S. with trip through Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, and stretching out to Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia.

Some of the highlights include backpacking through the highlands of Scotland, hiking a classic trekking route in Peru, and exploring remote regions of Tasmania on foot. As you would expect, the trips focus heavily on traveling through wilderness regions under our own power with some of the most stunning areas of the planet on display. Those regions include the Himalaya, the Andes, the Alps, the Rockies, and more. In other words, you won’t lack for options to go trekking in the mountains with Backpacker‘s list of best trips.

With the New Year squarely in sight, I suspect we’ll see more of these kinds of lists in the days ahead, not to mention more than a few “best of 2018” lists as well. These types of articles are always fun and interesting and serve to provide some good ideas for our next big adventures too. While my December currently looks like a quiet one, my schedule for next year is already starting to get busy too. If you haven’t started planning your 2019 escapes, perhaps this list will give you some ideas.

Read the entire article here.

Kraig Becker