Want to Travel to the North Pole by Dirigible?

There are a number of ways for adventurous and well-heeled travelers to reach the North Pole. You can take a polar cruise for instance, traveling to 90ºN via fairly warm and luxurious ship.

Those with more time on their hands can make a “last-degree” ski expedition, starting at about 89ºN and covering the final distance on foot over the course of two weeks. But, soon you may be able to add yet one more option to that list as a company called OceanSky is preparing to launch a new method of polar travel — carrying clients to top of the world via airship.

The Swedish company plans to base its operations out of Svalbard, Norway and hopes to launch its first trip to the North Pole by 2023. The plan is to take passengers to the North Pole aboard a luxury dirigible capable of traveling at speeds up to 92 mph (148 km/h).

At that pace, it would take approximately 38 hours to reach the Pole, although it won’t be such a difficult journey for the travelers. Aboard the blimp they’ll find a plush cabin complete with all the comforts they could ask for, including food, drinks, and an impressive views. And since the cabin is quiet and non-pressurized, it promises to make it easier to sleep for extended periods of time as well.

According to OceanSky, the airship will hold up to 16 passengers and feature four pilots, an executive chef, and a single flight attendant. There will also be an expedition leader aboard who will pull double duty severing as the steward and assisting the chef in the kitchen. Because the blimp will float along at between 1000 and 3000 feet (300-900 meters), there will be plenty to see out the window, with the expedition leader frequently pointing out important points of interest throughout the voyage.

So how much will this type of journey cost? According to OceanSky, this isn’t a travel experience meant for everyone and the price reflects that. Reservations are set for $80,000. If that fits within your budget, you can sign up here.

Kraig Becker