Backpacker Has the Best Bargain Gear for Your Next Adventure

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, and enjoy getting outside on a regular basis, there is probably a pretty good chance that you also appreciate good outdoor gear too. The problem is, good gear can cost a lot of money, put a serious dent in our bank accounts. But as it turns out, there is some very good gear that can be had at a surprisingly low price, if you happen to know which items are wroth spending your cash on. Thankfully, Backpacker magazine is here to help, offering up some excellent options for the best bargain backpacking gear currently available.

The list offers options for just about every piece of standard gear you would take with you on a typical backpacking trip, including a sleeping bag, tent, pack, apparel, and much more. Most of the products that make the cut are from well-known brands too, so you’re not going to be purchasing knock-off gear that features subpar build quality and inferior component materials. In most cases, these product are just a little heavier than similar models or are missing a few bells and whistles. But for the price, they offer excellent performance, making them a great option for hikers who are just getting started or experienced backpackers looking to save a little cash.

So, exactly what products made the cut? As usual, I won’t spoil the entire list, as you’ll want to check everything out for yourself. But, Backpacker gives the Marmot Trestles 0º sleeping bag high marks, particularly since it costs just $139. The list also includes Osprey’s Renn 50 backpack, which features the quality that you would expect from that company, but at a price of just $155. And for a tent, go with the Kelty Late Start — a 4-pound model— that costs $160.

The rest of the items on the list are similar priced for each piece of gear. That includes down jackets, sunglasses gloves, sleeping pads, and other items. To check out the entire list, click here.

Kraig Becker