Adventure Quickies: Record Break Trans-Atlantic Flight, Radio Signals From Space, and More

Every Friday I share a few links to some important stories and news items that I didn’t have time to share elsewhere. Here are this week’s Adventure Quickies for your end of the week perusal.

  • British Airways Flight if Fastest From NYC to London: A major storm system over the Atlantic helped propel a British Airways flight to a record-setting pace from New York City to London last week. The 747-436 aircraft travel as fast as 825 mph (1372 km/h) tanks to a very strong tailwind, crossing the Atlantic in just 4 hours and 56 minutes, breaking the previous record by 17 minutes. It should be noted, that this is the fastest subsonic flight ever, as the now out of service Concorde covered the distance in 2 hours and 53 minutes back 1996.
  • Radio Signal From Deep Space Repeats Every 16 Days: A mysterious radio signal emanating from deep space has captured the attention of scientists from around the globe. The signal, which originates from a serial galaxy located 500 light years away, has repeated on a set schedule every 16.35 days since it was first detected back on September 16, 2018. What is transmitting the signal is unknown but part of what makes it unusual is its regularity. When it begins, the transmissions come every hour for four days, before then falling silent again for 12 days. Perhaps it is ET phoning home?
  • Is the Future of Mountaineering About Speed: Does the future of alpinism belong to trail runners? That’s the question that Rock and Ice magazine asked back in December as it took a look at how athletes like Kilian Jornet and Karl Egloff are changing the game.
  • American’s Have Become (Slightly) More Active: Good news for health and fitness experts. According to a recent study conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, American’s have actually gotten a bit more active. According to the SFIA’s annual toppling participation report, over 3 million more Americans took part in some kind of physical activity in 2019 as compared to previous years. What have they been taking part in? Team sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball scored well, as did yoga, boxing, and martial arts. The general category of “outdoor activities” also received high marks.
  • Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus?: The Los Angles Times asked whether or not travel insurance covers the coronavirus that is currently running rampant throughout China. The answer to that question isn’t simple, nor easy. If you’re wondering the same thing, find out more here.
  • Sharpen Your Mountain Skills in 2020: Looking to become a better alpinist in the year ahead? Why not sign up for a course from Northwest Alpine Guides? The company is offering deals on its two-day introductory courses for alpine rock climbing and sport climbing, as well as its 5-day mountaineering course, with dates available throughout 2020.
  • Launches Live Northern Lights Cam: Always wanted to watch the Northern Lights (aka the Aurora Borealis), but haven’t had a chance to visit a place where they can be seen? You’re in luck, as has launched a live webcam from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada where you can see the auroras in realtime. Check it out here.
Kraig Becker