Video: First Review of the New Land Rover Defender

There are few vehicles that have the heritage of the Land Rover Defender when it comes to adventure and exploration. It is because of that heritage that many of us were waiting with baited breath for the next generation Defender to be unveiled last fall.

When it did finally make its debut, it was met with mixed reaction, with some of us (myself included) excited with what it brought to the table, while others bagged on the new design, while questioning its off-road capabilities long before they ever set eyes on it. Well, now the first reviews of the new Defender are starting to arrive and we can see it in action for ourselves.

This clip is the first review I’ve seen for the vehicle, and it appears to put many fears to rest. Based on what we see here, this iconic off-roader will be a part of many adventures to come. Now, when and where can I get one?