Video: What to Wear When You Go Running

Learning what to wear when you go for a run actually isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can take months or even years to dial in your clothing based on temperature, seasons, precipitation, and other factors. As someone who runs nearly every day, and has my clothing fairly dialed, I can only look on in wonder when I see someone in long sleeves and tights on a warm day. How do they do it? Perhaps the need to watch this video from our friends at REI. It shares some great tips for beginner runners on how to dress for the road or trail. Obviously all of our comfort levels will vary, but keep in mind that once you get going, you’re going to warm up significantly. Dress for how warm you’re going to be, not how cold you are when you start. Also, your wardrobe is probably about to expand, so just roll with it.

Kraig Becker