Video: Portraits of Antarctica

Portrait of Antarctica

For many of us, Antarctica remains the last great unexplored wilderness on the planet. It’s remote, and harsh, nature make it a place that is out of the reach of most travelers, requiring a true commitment just to get there. But for those who have a passion for far flung locations, this video will help … Read more

Video: The Long Way Up is an Adventure Across South America

Long Way Up

A few weeks back I shared a video from electric vehicle company Rivian that teased a massive adventure driving across all of South and Central America from Patagonia to Los Angeles. The video was Rivian’s own promo for the journey, which is actually for a television show coming to Apple TV+ called Long Way Up.  If … Read more

Video: The Cinematic Landscapes of New Zealand

Cinematic Landscapes

The amazing Cinematic Landscapes of New Zealand take center stage in this video, which takes us on a tour of that country’s awe-inspiring countryside. From crashing ocean waves to lush forests to mountain peaks, there is a little something here for everyone. With travel currently restricted for many of us, these types of clips can … Read more

Video: Bikepacking the Most Beautiful Trail in America


Stretching for more than 567 miles (912 km), the Colorado Trail is considered to be amongst the most stunningly beautiful routes in all of North America BIKEPACKING.  Starting in Denver and running to Durango, the CT crosses through six wilderness areas, eight mountain ranges, and some of the best landscapes on the planet. Naturally, this … Read more

Video: Stone Locals — Rediscovering the Soul of Climbing

Stone Locals Rediscovering the Soul of Rock Climbing

With a runtime of nearly one hour and 50 minutes, you’re going to want to settle in and get comfortable for this video. I promise it is worth it. Presented by Patagonia, the film is called Stone Locals and it takes a look at the individuals who help keep the sport of rock climbing alive and … Read more