Gear Review: Oros Wayfinder Pant

A few weeks back we took a look at the Oros Explorer Hoodie—a quarter-zip pullover that we loved for its comfort and simple design. In that review, we also talked about Oros’s use of aerogel, a lightweight material that is one of the warmest insulators known to man. The company uses aerogel across all of its products, creating apparel that is surprisingly warm, without being bulky or heavy.

One of the other products in the Oros catalog that makes good use of aerogel is the Oros Wayfinder Pant, a versatile product that makes a great addition to anyone’s gear closet. This versatile garment offers the fit and comfort of a high-quality pair of jogging pants, with the performance and warmth of a softshell pant.

Oros Wayfinder
Photo Credit: Oros

A Technical Jogger

Lets get one thing straight—the Oros Wayfinder Pants are comfortable enough for lounging around at home but that would be a complete waste of their potential. This is a jogging pant unlike any other, combining durable materials and a great fit that hugs the body without restricting motion.

But this is a jogger that isn’t meant for staying at home. Instead, they are made to be active in the outdoors when the weather conditions might normally keep us inside. The pants are made from thick fabrics designed to withstand plenty of punishment and stand up to the elements without showing a lot of wear and tear. They’re also a bit on the heavy side when compared to traditional joggers, but considering the level of performance, they deliver the weight isn’t a major consideration.

When Oros designed the Wayfinder Pant the included some much-appreciated features. Those include an elastic waistband and drawstring for versatile sizing and articulated knees that make it easy to walk, run, or even climb. The four-way stretch fabrics also move easily with the body. Add in a tapered fit and cuffs along the ankles and you get an athletic pair of pants that are made for cool and cold weather outdoor activities.

Oros Wayfinder

Aerogel Warmth

As with the Explorer Hoodie, the Oros Wayfinder Pants use the company’s proprietary Solarcore materials to provide insulation. Solarcore is an upgrade over traditional aerogel, which is incredibly warm but can be quite fragile. Oros has found a way to add durability to the material, creating warm outdoor apparel for use on our adventures.

Oros incorporates Solarcore in strategic places on the Wayfinder—such as the upper calves—where warmth is needed the most. This proves to be a great approach, as it maintains lighter and thinner fabrics throughout the garment, just adding a bit of extra insulation in all the right places.

This approach works well, as the Wayfinders are very warm. So much so that you won’t want to wear them much during the warmer months. But come autumn and winter, the pants will prove very useful. And since the fabrics are designed for use even in inclement weather, they do function as a softshell, keeping the wearer warm and dry.

Perfect for Trail and Town

Because the Wayfinder Pant look great and perform even better, they have quickly become a favorite in my wardrobe. As mentioned, they are warm and comfortable and perform well on outdoor adventures. But because they have a classic design that doesn’t look like a softshell garment, they can be worn just about anywhere. That makes them a great option for running errands around town or meeting friends for a casual outing. They’re also perfect for post-workout/adventure recovery when you’re still active, but looking to relax some.

As you can tell, we’re pretty impressed with the Wayfinder Pant. This is a garment that is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for winter outdoor adventures such as running, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. They’re also a good companion when traveling, although you’ll find plenty of reasons to pull them out of the drawer when at home too. That isn’t something you can say about a lot of apparel made for use in the outdoors, but these pants do fall into a class all of their own.

Priced at $160, the Oros Wayfinder Pant is way too expensive for someone who is just looking for a comfy jogger for relaxing around the house. But for active outdoor athletes and adventurers, they’re worth every penny. This is a unique piece of gear that you’ll find yourself using more than you might first expect, which is a true testament to how good they truly are.

Purchase the Wayfinder Pant directly from Oros.

Kraig Becker