Filming For Television On Everest has published part 2 of a six part series on shooting video on Everest. Yesterday, in part 1 we looked at shooting in high def on the mountain, but today focuses on filming for television.

This second article is once again filled with some quality tips to consider when filming on Everest or any other remote location. It discusses proper video formats for broadcast television, camera equipment, and even editing options. Most of the advice comes from Polar skier Wave Vidmar, who has written several books on the subject, and he has some nice behind the scenes tips that you might not think about when shooting for the first time. For example, he notes that digital video footage can suffer in quality when picked up by various broadcast outlets. He recommends HDV, as it scales much better, and offers high quality images. He also recommends shooting in 1080i and at 30 fps.

The third installment of this series should be published tomorrow and will focus on Helmet, web, and IP camera options.

Kraig Becker

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