Mountainzone Interviews Dave Hahn

Mountain Zone is back with another one of their short, but sweet, “Men of Experience” interviews, this time with climber Dave Hahn, who has summitted Everest 6 times, Vinson 24, and Rainier 233 times!

Is this interview youl’ll find the answer to such burning questions as when his most memorable moment in the mountains was, what he is most proud of (this one may surprise you), and of course the advice he’d give his younger brother. It’s another fun read, and I like this short interview style. Hopefully will continue to get them, and with such good subjects.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Mountainzone Interviews Dave Hahn”

  1. he didnt summit denali 233 times.nobody did that.denali is a dangerous mountain. it is mount rainier you dumbfucks

  2. Hey! Thanks for the correction on this post that’s over a year old. I never mind someone pointing out where I’ve misprinted something, and usually adjust accordingly.

    But, you should always stay classy you dumbfuck.

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