Skiing Kashmir

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Here’s a cool project that was brought to my attention earlier tonight and ought to be of interest to all of you ski bums and bunnies out there. Freelance writer and skiier Eric Segalstad from Boulder, Colorado has spent the last two months in the Kashmir region of India skiing the remote mountain regions less than 50 miles from the “Line of Control” between India and Pakisatn.

His website is entitled The Line of Control: A Season Skiiing In Kashmir. When it’s all said and done, Eric will have spent three months total time in the region, having started last Christmas and staying through Spring Break. On the site you’ll find informaiton about the project, his personal journal of his adventures, and a description of the area he is exploring. And for all the gear junkies amongst us, here is a list of the gear he is using.

This is a pretty epic ski adventure, I have to admit. There are some very very cool photos in the gallery and more are added regularly, and it looks like Eric is having an amazing time. This is a region I had never considered as a place to go skiing, but it seems that conditions would be amazing. How much is a lift ticket in Kashmir? 🙂

Kraig Becker

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