Sierra Club Radio Interviews Arlene Blum

Sierra Club Radio has posted their latest podcast episode which contains, amongst other things, an excellent interview with Arlene Blum, the first American woman to summit Everest.

Blum has recently published her autobiography Breaking Trail, and has a number of great stories to tell, including how she came to be a mountaineer. Besides climbing Everest, she also is the first woman to summit Denali and Annapurna, leading the teams as she went. Amongst her other adventures she has hiked across the Himilaya over the course of a year as well as hiking the length of the Alps while carrying her young daughter on her back. Blum is a compelling story teller and it’s fun to listen to her, and now I want to add her book to my list of “must reads”.

Sierra Club Radio condcuted a great interview with her and they have a wonderful podcast here. I’d recommend adding it to your iTunes subscriptions or bookmark the website for future podcast episodes. They have a nice focus on environmental issues, not to mention some great information on all kinds of outdoor activities that we all enjoy. Would you expect anything less from the Sierra Club?

Kraig Becker

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