Gear Junkie Counts Down Best Gear of the Past Five Years

Most outdoor enthusiasts know who The Gear Junkie is, even if they don’t know his real name is Stephen Regenold. His columns are syndicated in a number of newspapers and magazines across the country and he has written a number of adventure travel articles for a wide array of publications. As it turns out, the first Gear Junkie article went into the Minneapolis Star Tribune five years ago this month, and to celebrate, Stephen is counting down his favorite gear from the past five years.

Each day this week we’ll get two very cool gear items that impressed the Gear Junkie. Today we have, coming in at number 10, ALOKSAK bags from Watchful Eye Designs. In a nutshell, these are water proof, highly durable, ziplock bags for all of our gear that shouldn’t get wet. They’re great for holding maps during adventure races or for keeping you essential items dry during your next paddling excursion.

Also on the list today, at the number 9 spot, DMG BUGrip EXTREME from Icebug. The Gear Junkie sums this item quite well when he describes it as “a winter boot with a running shoe, add carbide spikes on the sole for traction”. It’s a trail running shoe for extreme snow and ice conditions, with built in gaiters no less.

It should be fun this week to watch the list unfold. I can’t wait to see what cool gear, that I probably can’t afford, occupy the higher positions on the list. 🙂

Kraig Becker

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