Kayaking The Length of the Mississippi

The Crazy Kayaker is only a few weeks away from setting off on his “Mississippi Challenge 2007” which will see him kayaking the length of the Mississippi River. He’ll embark on his 100 day journey in mid-May and hopes to be in New Orleans by the end of August.

CK is also known as Jacob van der Merwe and Jacob says that this adventure is a dream come true for him. The 2000 mile journey will begin in Minneapolis/St. Paul and continue to the mouth of the Mighty Mississippi in Louisiana. An epic journey to be sure.

You’ll be able to follow all of his adventures in his blog and when it’s all wrapped up, Jacob would like to write a book about the experience. Sounds like a great way to spend the Summer! 🙂

Thanks Backcountry Blog!

Kraig Becker

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