Polar Update: Rosie’s Off The Ice!

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ThePoles.com has posted a surprising update that Rosie Stancer has aborted her journey to the North Pole.

Rosie was due to have a supply drop today to aid her in her efforts to continue North on her solo ski expedition. However, the pilots of the supply plane determined that any attempts to pick her up from her current position would be very dangerous due to deteriorating ice conditions. Rosie’s PR team claims that she decided to abandon her quest for the Pole to insure the future safety of the pilots who would eventually have to come pick her up.

Rosie was on the ice for 84 days and traveled 326 miles before she was plucked off the ice at 88 3157N 48 47 37W. She was just 89 miles from the Pole, and has set a record as the furthest North by any woman to go solo, although ThePoles.com disputes this claim, pointing out that the definition of “solo” in exploration circles is “no human assistance (airdrops); no physical human contact throughout the entire expedition, and no proximity to other expeditions on the ice.”

Regardless, Rosie put in a heck of a great effort, and to come up 89 miles short after all those days on the ice is tough to take. Perhaps you can give it a go next year Rosie. For now, we’re glad you’re off the ice and safe and sound.

Kraig Becker

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