With the Summer camping season just about to get underway, Gadling has a couple of tent stories for us today.

First, check out this tent that comes with a seven inch installable solar panel to collect the sun’s rays during the day, then use them to light the tend after dark. The article says that the stored up energey can be used to power the “tent’s integrated LED rope lights; to operate the removable hand-held flashlight that hangs from the center of the tent; or to charge a completely separate set of batteries.”

Obviously this thing is aimed more at the camping crowd than the backpacking set, but still an interesting option. The four person version of the tent runs $206 while the six person model is $250.

If the solar powered tent doesn’t work for you, perhaps you can find what you need on FindMeATent.com. As Gadling notes the site allows users to compare more than 800 different tents, from 57 brands, and read a growing library of user posted reviews. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a tent to suit all your needs.

Kraig Becker

9 thoughts on “Tents!”

  1. Hey thats great, thanks for the link to FindMeATent.com 🙂

    I’ve also findmeagps.com and findmeacamper.com

    (you may know me from TeamGearedUp.com!)

  2. Awesome! A whole host of “Find Me” websites. If you add “Find Me A Pack” I’m in big big trouble. LOL! But seriously, make it happen! 😉

    And I drop by Team Geard Up every day. Great stuff!

  3. The solar Tent is a great Idea and I think it could be useful.

    Imagine the possibilities at Everest Basecamp and abroad if they could get this thing “lightweight” and user-friendly”

    I have actually ben thinking about a new tent myself, so this may be useful. I will at least have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  4. The solar tent is probably a good idea for the car camping set, but there are better solutions for solar power in BC.

    Yep! Definitely going to be a busy day on Everest.

  5. Awesome! You know I’ll love that site. I just can’t help myself when it comes to packs!

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