Underground Ice Climbing!

Check out this cool article over at Climbing.com. It follows the crazy adventures of ice climber extraordinaire Will Gadd as he travels to Sweden to climb with Andreas Spak. The pair go looking for new ice in an unlikely place, namely deep under the Earth’s surface in an abandoned Iron Mine.

The whole experience was filmed for NBC’s World of Adventure Sports and will air in July. Spak also posted some thought and images on his blog as have the film crew.

This looks like a pretty cool climbing adventure. Gadd remarked that one of the routes was amongst the best he had ever climbed, and said that he thought there was potential for 200 meter climbs in the mines. Both men also commented on the ambiance of climbing in an underground setting, where it was pitch black around them, and they felt like the abandoned mine was like a scene right out of some post-apocalyptic movie.

Sounds like a pretty amazing experience, and as the article notes, this could be the future of ice climbing, as global warming erodes all the classic ice routes. It would be pretty sad if the only ice we had to climb were in holes in the ground like this one though.

Thanks goes out to The Mountain World Blog for the heads up on this one. Nice find!

Kraig Becker

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