Hardwear Sessions: Climbing Denali

denail tent
I’m a big fan of Mountain Hardwear Gear. I think they make really great gear, that’s tough, high quality, and functional. In fact, I took their Exposure II Parka with me to Kilimanjaro and was very happy with the way it performed.

It seems that the gang over at Mountain Hardwear have created their own blog which unsurprisingly has focuses on their gear, and it’s use in adventures around the globe. Today, they have a very nice post entitled On Climbing Denali

The story is written by Bridger Root, a 17 year old climber, who is Mountain Hardwear’s youngest sponsored athlete. Bridger recently traveled to Alaska with his father, climber Brick Root, to challenge the tallest mountain in North America. It seems they experienced some really great weather once they got to 14,000 feet and had a nice run up to the summit. All told, the entire trip took just 12 days, and they successfully summitted, so a happy ending all around.

On a side note, I sure wish I was a 17 year old athlete sponsored by Mountain Hardware. All kinds of great gear at your disposal. Testing new packs. Yep, that sounds sweet. I’m not bitter or anything.

Kraig Becker

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