Roz Savage Gets Underway!
A couple of weeks back I posted about Roz Savage the British woman who intended to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. Well, according to this article over at Yahoo News she got under way on Sunday.

Roz had originally planned to set sail from San Francisco, but poor weather forced her to head further North to disembark from Saint George, a smaller port town located near the Oregon border. Now that she’s set off, her next stop, in a couple of months time, will be the Hawaiian Islands. From there she’ll proceed to the island of Tuvalu, before finishing up in Australia. She’s no stranger to long distance rowing though, as she made a solo row across the Atlantic last year.

Hopefully we’ll continue to have updates on her voyage over the coming months. That’ll give me an excuse to post pictures of her totally cool boat!

Kraig Becker

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