SleepMonsters Interviews Don Mann

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Primal Quest CEO Don Mann continues his media blitz today with another interview, this time over at adventure racing site

The short, but sweet, interview covers some good ground though, and we learn that PQ will announce the location of next year’s race in mid-September. Don recently returned from a two week tour of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, where much of his time was spent scouting locations and discussing permit issues with state officials. He notes that Idaho is in the running as well, although he didn’t make it there, and course designers have already put together some great ideas for each location.

He also discusses the daunting task of raising funds to put on Primal Quest, which one of the most expensive races to conduct. Raising the entry fee and increasing the number of teams were two ways that they approached offsetting the costs. Don has big plans for the future as well, with the hopes of expanding the race to include two or even three events in a year, with some of those events taking place overseas. Look for the first PQ outside of U.S. soil to take place in 2009 if everything goes according to plan.

More great news for fans of adventure racing, as more PQ is a good thing. Taking it outside of the United States really opens up the venue to so many exciting places, and will allow more international teams to get involved. For the first PQ abroad, I nominate New Zealand. Those Kiwis are crazy about their adventure sports. πŸ˜‰

308 days until Primal Quest 2008!

Kraig Becker

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