Alan Arnette Updates From Shisha Pangma BC

Alan Arnette has reached Shisha Pangma Base Camp, where he wasted no time sending out several saved up dispatches. In his audio dispatch a few days ago he mentioned that he would have a better Internet connection once he reached BC, and clearly he does, since these dispatches came in rapid fire succession, along with some great photos.

First up, we have this dispatch from the Freedom Highway, which Alan talked about in that audio dispatch. In fact, this dispatch is the text and photo companion to that audio, as he mentions several things that he talked about, such as stopping at a “Tibetan truck stop” and encountering typical Tibetan natives along the road.

The next dispatch is entitled From Tourist to Climbers, and Alan continues describing the journey to Shisha Pangma along the Freedom Highway. He describes the road itself, and the change of scenery as they arrive on the Tibetan Plateau. He also talks about the change in mindset as they get closer to Shisha and they transition away from tourists enjoying the scenery, to climbers getting ready to go to work.

Finally, we have this third dispatch upon arrival to BC. Alan describes the final leg to the mountain, including their first view of Shisha and the things that went through his mind as he set eyes on the summit that would be his focus over the next month or so. At long last he’s is in BC and the next leg of The Road Back To Everest can truly get underway.

Great dispatches Alan, and amazing photos. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next.

Kraig Becker

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