Paddling The Amazon – ALL of It!

amazon river
Making a 107 foot drop is so yesterday. After all, the guy only wen 107 feet! Today it’s all about distance, not height, which is why the Expedition Amazonas Team has decided to paddle the length of the Amazon River, starting at it’s source waters in Peru and ending at it’s mouth as it empties out into the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. Did I mention that they’re going to do it unsupported?

The Team set off on their 7 month long journey to run the 4,350+ mile river by first climbing to the summit of Mt. Mismi, in Peru. The mountain is the source of the Amazon, and at 18,535 feet it can be quite a challenge with gear that includes 14 foot inflatable rafts. Once they reached the summit, they followed the water back down until they could find a suitable place to put in, and from there, it would be Class V rapids for miles and days ahead. Once the rapids subside, it’ll be thousands of more miles of the big, wide, and powerful Amazon River, with an impenetrable jungle wall on it’s banks.

Be sure to check out the expedition’s website where you’ll find profiles on the Team, the route they’re taking, and the gear they use.

As of now, the expedition has been going for 3 days, so they have plenty of paddling to do just yet. It should be a fun expedition to follow.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Paddling The Amazon – ALL of It!”

  1. The Amazon has started to spark alot of interest this year. Remember the guy that swam the length of it? This looks like another cool project. I will be following along–

  2. Yep! The Amazon seems to spark a lot of interest of late. It would be an amazing trip to go from the source to the mouth. They’ll certainly be passing through some very remote areas.

  3. ‘From the sky to the ocean…’
    Great concept; right from the source…
    Didn’t Sir Hillary write a book about adventuring from the ocean to a summit?

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