Adventure Racing Coming To Bhutan?

Takstan monastery
Earlier today I saw this post over at Check Point Zero indicating that DragonQuest Adventures may be planning an adventure Race in Bhutan, one of the most remote and mountainous countries in the World.

According to this survey that DragonQuest is conducting, the race would take place in 2009. They note that conducting a race in Bhutan would be an expensive endeavor, and an anonymous comment in the CPZ hints that they expect the entry fee to be $47,000, which would be far and away the most expensive race that I’ve ever heard of. In comparison, Primal Quest, the premiere adventure race in North America, if not the World, will cost teams $12,500 in 2008, which includes 4 racers and 2 support crew.

Personally, I love the idea of a race in Bhutan. It’s one country that I would love to visit, and it’s remote, mountainous terrain would be an amazing, and beautiful challenge. But I also think that if these rumors on the entry fee end up being true, than the race will likely be DOA, unfortunately.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Adventure Racing Coming To Bhutan?”

  1. To be clear; PQ cost:

    The cost of entry is $12,500.00 USD per team, which includes 4 team members and 2 support individuals.

  2. Ahh… thanks! I thought that I remembered it being in that range, but when I double checked on the PQ website it said $10k.

    I’ll update the post to be more accurate and thanks for the info!

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