Andrew Skurka Named Adventurer of the Year!

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According to this story over at, National Geographic Adventure Magazine has named long distance hiker Andrew Skurka as it’s 2007 Adventurer of the Year.

Skurka, you may recall, recently finished his trek of the Great Western Loop, a 6,875 mile long trail in the Western United States, that passes through 12 national parks and 75 wilderness areas as it winds it’s way through Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Skurka began the hike last April and finished in early November, in an effort to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues facing the delicate wilderness areas in which he traveled.

Others winning awards include Sir Richard Branson and polar explorer Will Steger who both took home lifetime achievement honors, while Albania, Colombia, India, Mongolia, Norway and Senegal were each named as the best adventure destinations for 2008 as well.

Adventure doesn’t mention any of this on their website yet, but I’ll be sure to post a link when they do. They also don’t seem to be returning my calls when I asked for confirmation as well. Something about a restraining order, and me having to stay more than 500 yards away from the Adventure headquarters at all times.

Update: Rick over at the Best Hike Blog was kind enough to post a link to the National Geographic Pressroom which has more details on this story. It seems that 15 adventurers in all are honored, with the following all being recognized: teve Bogaerts, Angelika Brandt, Tim Cope, Mike Fay, Colleen Hardy, Trip Jennings, Gabor Rakonczai, Eric McNair-Landry, Sarah McNair-Landry, Sam Meacham, Borge Ousland, Andrea Palos, Robbie Schmittner and Thomas Ulrich.

For regular readers of my blog, there are a number of names on that list that should be familiar. I’m a bit surprised that Meagan McGrath didn’t make the list, but I suppose they can’t put everyone on there.

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  1. I would vote for 4 wheel Bob. But Andrew Skurka pulled off one helluva feat.

    Look for our interview with Andrew coming up (next week hopefully) on

    I just wish I had the … and the stamina to do a trip like that.

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