The Seven Missing Wonders of the World

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Looking to put a little adventure back into your life? Do you fancy yourself a modern day Indiana Jones? Then perhaps this article from the Wall Street Journal will help in sending you off on your next great escape. The story focuses on the “7 Missing Wonders of the World”. Seven artifacts that have eluded discovery for years, and in some cases centuries.

The list is certainly an intriguing one to say the least. The missing wonders are as follows:

The San Jose: A Spanish galleon that went down off the coast of Columbia with 600 men aboard, and untold treasures. Estimates of it’s value range from $150 million to as much as $10 billion. (Yes, with a “B”)

The Holy Grail: Believed to be the cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper, the Grail has long been the stuff of myth and legend. King Arthur and his knights couldn’t retrieve it, and yet centuries later it’s allure remains the same.

The Battle of Anghiari: Florentine troops fought the “battle of Anghiari” in 1440, and more than 60 years later Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint a scene from the battle in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence to commemorate it. He worked for 18 months, then suddenly quit the project. His contemporaries described it as ds Vinci’s greatest work, but where the hall was redecorated in the 16th century, the mural was painted over, and possibly lost for all time.

The Tomb of Nefertitti: The famed Egyptian beauty ruled with her husband Akhenaten for more than 12 years, then possibly ruled on her own for yet more. But she suddenly disappears from the Egyptian records, and no one is quite sure why. Her tomb has never been found, and may contain untold riches, but for a historical standpoint, it could provide priceless clues to to early Egyptian history.

The Amber Room: A gift from King Frederick William I of Prussia to Peter the Great in 1716, the Amber Room was built in the Summer Palace at Tsarskoye Selo. Essentially, it is exactly what you would think, a room whose walls are covered in amber panels, mirrors and marble mosaics. During WWII, the Amber Room was captured by the Nazi’s, who then put it on display, but in January 1945, as the War was nearing an end, the room was packed for evacuation as Russian soldiers closed in. After that, the Amber Room disappeared from history, and has never been seen again.

The Tomb of Genghis Kahn: The great Mongol conqueror Genghis Kahn ruled over the largest empire the World has ever known, and was amongst the most feared men to ever walk the Earth. Upon his death however, his soldiers buried him in a hidden tomb, that has never been found. Legends say that he is buried in a place called “Kirelgu”, but just where that is remains part of the mystery. While the tomb is believed to hold little treasure, once again, it’s historical significance would be priceless.

Amelia Earhart’s Plane: One of the enduring mysteries of the 20th century. What exactly did happen to Amelia Earhart. Obviously her plane went down over the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Papua New Guinea and the Howland Islands, but the wreckage has never been found, and the rumors of her ultimate fate have kept the mystery alive. Rumors such as Earhart being captured by the Japanese or crash landing, along with co-pilot Fred Noonan, on a desert island, have persisted for decades.

So that’s the list. If the treasure hunter or historian in you feels the need to go on your own quest, perhaps the WSJ’s interactive map will get you started in the right direction. Just remember to pack your fedora and trusty whip before setting out.

Kraig Becker

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