Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge Update: Day 2!

The second day of the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge is underway, with teams still out on the course. Today’s stage is labeled as “adventure running”, which is essentially a long trek through the desert. The stage is 87km (54 miles) in length and teams are expected to stagger into the checkpoint throughout the night.

Standings on the leaderboard haven’t changed since yesterday, because the stage isn’t complete yet, but from the looks of things, the overall standings are going to look a bit different by tomorrow. The top of the leaderboard should look roughly the same, with Team Nike, Eurosport Sport NZ, Wilsa Helly Hansen, and Orionhealth.com all racing neck and neck through this stage. But several of the other teams have begun to fall back. As I write this, most of the teams are through Checkpoint 7 on this stage, so we should get more definitive results soon.

Today’s news section has a story on Course B, which is the adventure running leg that teams are currently participating in. It lists the standings through Checkpoint 4, which was the halfway point of the stage, but the active leaderboard shows that those standings have already changed.

Tomorrow’s leg is the dreaded “camel hiking”, which I’m sure will be a challenge to everyone involved. I’m not especially fond of involving animals of any kind in adventure racing, and when you throw in one as stubborn as the camel, it could make things very interesting.

I’ll update this post as todays standings become final.

Kraig Becker

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