Backpacking Light Staff Gear Picks

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Backpacking Light has posted their 2007 Staff Picks for Gear. They quickly note that this is not an “editors choice” list, just personal gear favorites from the team.

As you would expect, there is a wide variety of items to be found here. The list is laid out in a grid pattern, but each staff member writes a brief explanation of why they chose the items on their list. They were allowed to pick three in total, but it is acknowledged that it’s getting harder and hard to narrow their selections down to just three each year.

Items making the cut include the GoLite Ion Pack, whose no frills, light weight approach, fits right in with the magazine’s style. The Gatewood Cape from Six Moon Designs won accolades for it’s light weight and versatility as well, while the Mountain Hardwear Powerstretch Zip T was a favorite for it’s impressive “warmth to weight ratio” and comfort. These Backpacking Light guys are obsessed with weight. I’d hate to be one of their girlfriends. 😉

The most surprising item on the list? Google Docs! While clearly not a gear item, Publisher Ryan Jordan loves being able to use the online applications to collaborate with expedition teammates for planning and costs in a live environment. An invaluable tool I’m sure, and a very nice suggestion where you wouldn’t have normally expected it.

Once again, this is a nice place to get ideas for the holidays for your favorite adventurer (or blogger!). Just 11 more shopping days until Christmas! 😉

Kraig Becker

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