Top 7 Animal Adventures

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It’s been awhile since we had a Top 7 list from Adventure Journey but they’ve posted a new one today, and it’s a good one. The subject of this month’s list is Top 7 Animal Adventures which focuses on, quite obviously, some of the best adventures all over the planet, that allow for interaction with some amazing animals.

Some items on the list include a visit to Dinosaur National Monument, which proves the critters don’t have to be alive to make the list. However, if you’d prefer something a little more adventurous, perhaps a walking safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, is more your speed or tracking mountain gorillas in a number of places in Central Africa.

All told, this “Top 7” offers a little something for everyone. I won’t spoil numero uno, but I will say that it might surprise you some. Also, one thing to remember when on these animal adventures. Should one of the creatures start looking at you like you might be lunch, you don’t have to outrun the animal, you just have to outrun at least one other traveler. Words to live by.

Kraig Becker

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