Antarctic Update: Two More Teams At The Pole!

southpole 1 is reporting that two more teams have arrived at the South Pole. Yesterday the South African Team reached 90 South, while Doug Stoup and Richard Dunwoody arrived today.

Alex Harris and his teammate Sibusiso Vilane make up the team from South Africa. They skied to the Pole from the Hercules Inlet and spent 65 days en route. They are the first team from their country to go unsupported to the Pole. Both men have also summitted Everest from the North and South sides, making this their “Second Pole”. I guess we’ll have to see if they decide to add the North Pole to their resume as well. I have a hunch that they just might.

Stoup and Dunwoody, on the other hand, began their journey on the Ronne Ice Shelf and established a new route to the Pole, spending 48 days doing so. This new route was based on Ernest Shackleton‘s proposed 1915 route on the ill fated Endurance Expedition. Despite exhaustion and a few minor injuries, the pair made it ahead of schedule and will now remain at the Pole until tomorrow, when they will be flown to the Russian base before catching a second flight to South Africa to begin their journey home.

Be sure to read the rest of the update for news on where the other various teams are in relation to the Pole. Several have already reached it and gone home, while there still others on the ice and working their way to their goal.

Kraig Becker

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