Happy Birthday Best Hikes Blog

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I wanted to send congratulations out to the Best Hikes Blog which is celebrating it’s 2 year birthday today, which seems so fitting considering my own recent anniversary of this blog launching.

BestHike.com is a great resource for finding information about trekking and backpacking all over the World. I personally use it as a resource regularly, and I make daily stops at the blog to read what editor Rick McCharles is posting about. More often than not, it’s a really great article about some unique hike that I’ve never heard of before, with great photos, and insights into the region. But sometimes it’s about techniques, gear, or anything else that backpackers may find useful.

I find it really interesting that we launched our blogs within a few days of one another. We’ve exchanged mutual links more times than I can count and we share a lot of common interests and thoughts on a number of subjects. As I posted in the comments section, I guess great minds think alike! 😉

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Best Hikes Blog”

  1. Thanks Kraig.

    You have great taste as well as a great mind.


    I am off to Arizona tomorrow. Rather than Texas.

  2. Have fun in Arizona! It’ll probably be warmer there than it has been in Texas of late. Although considering you’re coming from Canada, it wold probably be paradise for you here too! 😉

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