Antarctic Update: Two Teams Race Against Time

jon grum berg
We have a couple of quick stories today from the bottom of the World, where there are still a few teams chugging away, even though the season is coming quickly to a close.

First up, has posted an update with news that two teams are in a race against time to reach the Pole by Friday, as January 25th has been set by ALE to be the last flight out. John Huston’s Team have extended their “day” from 24 to 30 hours in order to continue skiing longer in the hope that they’ll make it by the deadline. They are expected to arrive sometime today, but no word yet if they have been successful.

Meanwhile, the female team from Norway is in a race of their own to meet the same deadline. The girls have further to travel, and are making a new route from Vinson to the Pole, and have been feeling the strain for several days now. They’ve been skiing 11-12 hour days, and it’s begun to take it’s toll. They’ll need to arrive tomorrow, but it’s not clear yet if they’ll make it on time to catch their ride home.

In other news from the Antarctic, The Hardwear Sessions, the official blog of Mountain Hardwear Gear, has an update today on the expedition being led by Jon Bowermaster who are exploring the effects of climate change on the Larsen Ice Shelf. His team is traversing the area by kayak, and are visiting places that no human has been in many years, if at all. I think Jon sums up their finds quite nicely with the following quote from the article:

“We have experienced some beautiful, 40+ degree (F) days. While there may exist some debate over the cause of climate change there is no question that things are heating up dramatically down south.”

Kraig Becker

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