Everest 2008: David Tait Returns, Sans Oxygen!

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David Tait Returns: Many of you will remember David Tait who was part of the Everest: Beyond The Limit team last year on Everest. Last week David announced that he is returning to the mountain one final time, and will be making a summit bid, and possibly a complete traverse, without supplemental oxygen.

The plan is for David to climb as part of the Marie Curie Team which counts Sir Ranulph Fiennes amongst it’s members. The team is climbing to raise money for the fight to cure cancer.

David went to Everest in 2007 to attempt a “Double Traverse”, and we were all allowed to watch it unfold months later on television. The plan was to start on the North Side, climb to the summit and then descend down the South Face.

After a few days rest, he would have retraced his same steps back up the mountain and returning to where he started. He managed to complete half of that equation, which is no small feat, but upon reaching the South Side, decided that a return trip wasn’t in the cards.

Personally, I enjoyed watching David’s 2007 traverse more than anything else on the last season of Beyond The Limit. He promises more dispatches from the mountain this season as well, so we’ll get to climb along with David, Sir Ran, and the whole team. This should be one of the more interesting climbs to follow in the coming season.

Thanks to Alan Arnette for passing on word of David’s next endeavor.

Kraig Becker

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