North Dakota Kiteskiing Expedition Underway!

Back around the first of the year I posted about three men who were planning to kiteski across North Dakota in an effort to promote awareness of wind power and it’s potential for use as an energy source. According to the Daily Dose today over at the team got underway on Monday.

Sam Salwei, Jason Magness, and Paul Cassedy, the three men who make up the 2XTM Team, expect their journey to last roughly three weeks, as they begin in the Northwest corner of North Dakota, then make their way along the Missouri River, eventually ending in the Southeast region of the state. The men will carry all their gear with them on their backs, and intend to kiteski roughly 6 to 8 hours per day.

You can follow their progress online with their SPOT generated Google Map and their online blog. Expect a lot of entries about how damn cold it is outside, as temperatures in the Midwest are expected to plummet again as an arctic blast hits the region this weekend. Stay warm boys and happy skiing.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “North Dakota Kiteskiing Expedition Underway!”

  1. Wow, it even looks cold! Yes, I’m in the Midwest too, although I wish I was in Costa Rica… I have been wanting to go there since I discovered Costa Rica HQ. I bet it’s really warm there…

  2. I think it’s always warm in Costa Rica. They have a constitutional amendment that makes it a law that it never drops below 75 degrees.

  3. I might be late for commenting on this post however for the record Jason Mag is very nice guy and chatty too.

    I recall once during a 24 hr race, he offered some help on a non-moonlite night O-course. I was definitely one defeated navigator that night, but I saw that his team was in a hurry for the win. So I declined the help; neither did I want to follow their bold route or attempt to match their pace. Wiping away the tears from my eyes I eventually found my way, that’s how it always goes.

    I love getting lost.

  4. Around here, you’re never too late to post a comment. 🙂

    Thanks for the insights on Jason. I’ve gathered that he’s quite the endurance athlete and obviously has a real sense of adventure about him. I just hope they’re staying warm up there in North Dakota. The Mid-West has been kind of chilly this week.

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